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Family gathering puzzle game tabletop toys

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Material: Wood

Dimensions: about 220 x 220 x 3.3 mm / 8.66 x 8.66 x 1.30 inches

Suitable for 2 to 4 children and adults

2 dice and 10 numbered wooden bricks on each side

This game is suitable for playing with family and friends to develop brain intelligence and cultivate strategic awareness. Outdoors can also increase fun.

Continue to scroll until it can no longer match the scroll on the remaining tiles

Win with the lowest score
If you have laid all the tiles, you have "closed the box".
If more, less, time or deviation can be applied, then people can be defined. And it also defines that only 2 or 3 can be used
A board game, various game forms, players can also define rules for themselves.
Bring you hours of enjoyment!

Game 1: Turn the wooden card according to the number of dice thrown, which can be the sum of several cards. Finally, the trigger that cannot press the number on the dice will be lost.
Second round: Keep turning the dice and trigger on one side until you can't flip the cards. The remaining wooden cards are your score, and the lowest score wins.

For example: if you shake at 9 o'clock, you must turn any number, and the card number is equal to "9". The dice can be rotated once, twice or three at a time, but it must be a number and equal to 9 (you can also specify various rules of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). If you want to convert the card, please select the digital card "9". If you want to convert two cards, you can select digital cards "3" and "6" or "4" and "5"; if you want to flip three cards, you can select "1", digital cards "2" and "6" "Or" 2", "3" and "4". In addition, you can freely determine the game specifications through addition and subtraction. Third grade students can set multiplication and division rules. When our family is playing foolishly, it can add, subtract, multiply and divide. What is 8 and 6, because 3×8 = 24 divided by 6, which is 4, so you can answer quickly. There are many ways of playing, and children can develop many ways of playing. Therefore, you do not need to limit a single game.

How to play:
Roll the dice and place any combination of numbers that matches the dice.
For example: to roll the dice, you have 3 and 4, so
You can get the number 7. You can light up 1 and 6 on either side because 1 + 6 = 7, and 9 and 2 can also light up on either side because 9-2 = 7
The last player who can successfully win the game rules to win the game